Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I can't get "Basket Case" out of my mind.

I'm totally working on "Fast Forward".  Really.  See?

And I'm loving it and can't wait for it to be done and on my bed.

But I keep thinking about "Basket Case" and trying to figure out what colour I'm going to make the background.  The hot pink/red on the original in Boo's book is pretty fabulous but I'm SO not a pink person.  But then again... maybe I should embrace it?

I've found some pretty awesome finishes of this quilt on Flickr too.

A red one by Ann Read.

A purple one by Whitney Taylor.  Radiant Orchid is the Pantone colour of the year for 2014. Food for thought.

Of course I LOVE this blue one by Viv... but it would be a safe choice for me.

Black and grey by sami.sees.quilts -- awesome and suitably gothic.

Totally open to suggestions....



  1. Fast Forward is looking great! As for Basket Case, I do like the purple/Radiant Orchid version...maybe a nice baby step outside your comfort zone and toward a pink tomorrow? ;)

    1. maybe... My other thought was maybe electric blue? Or orange? This might be a hard one. Something edgy would be good. Maybe a bunch of neon-ish colours all mixed together in an 80s homage?

  2. Does the quilt have a purpose or destination? If so, maybe that's your colour direction. If it's for fun and for you, skip the pink. Why sew with a colour you're meh about... the blue looks lovely. Lime green and black would be cool too.

    1. The quilt is definitely for me; either bed or couch. My whole apartment is filled with turquoise, orange and grey/black. But it's starting to look a little matchy-matchy. Lime green is a good thought :)