Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Potholders

I realized this weekend that this coming week is Riley's last week of school before the holiday break. She has 2 teachers for grade 1 -- Madame Erin, who teaches her Monday through Thursday and Monsieur Burrus, who teaches her on Friday. Now Mr. "B" (as the kids call him) is hipster/music/science/cool guy, so he's going to get an iTunes gift card. Mme Erin, however, strikes me more as a Commercial Drive/hippie/organic food/composter type, so I figured she might actually appreciate something home made.

I had lots of Insulbright left over from the VMQG/FVMQG Potholder Pass, so I sorted through my scraps this morning, found a bunch of red, green and white, and whipped up a couple scrap-busting potholders.

Christmas Potholders by HeatherEndearing
Christmas Potholders, a photo by HeatherEndearing on Flickr.

I used this quick and easy Tutorial from My Girl Thursday. These were SO FAST to make, mostly because they're not bound like a traditional quilt.  I did bind the ones I made for the potholder pass, but these still look really cute and took about 1/8th the amount of time.  I still have a ton of Insulbright left, so perhaps a few more of these will be made for miscellaneous Christmas gifts.

Now watch this cute video of She and Him singing "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" and you'll be in the holiday spirit!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Doggie Stocking!

Doggie Stocking! by HeatherEndearing

Doggie Stocking!, a photo by HeatherEndearing on Flickr.
Since I last put any effort into maintaining this blog, we have adopted a lovely beagle-basset cross named Waylen. He was part of Riley's 6th birthday present last May, but I have to say that he's become my dog, following me everywhere. He's 5 years old and a very gentle doggie; the entire family loves him and enjoys his company. Plus he's cute as anything.

(OMG. So cute, right? Totally deserving of a stocking.)

With Christmas fast approaching, I took 30 minutes yesterday and quickly sewed him up his very own stocking to leave for Santa. Hopefully Mr. Claus will leave him some squeaky tennis balls (his favourite) and maybe some peanut butter dog treats.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

An early New Year's resolution

So. I've totally ignored this blog for the past 18 months. Bad me. Life has been busy, Riley is in Grade 1 now and I'm on the executive for the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild. I've decided to make sure I spend a little time each week here writing and posting some of my projects. I get so much enjoyment out of reading other people's blogs... not necessarily saying that mine will be super thrilling but even if a few friends/guildies read it once in a while, then I'll be happy.

I've resurrected my long-dormant Flickr account, which I'm hoping will make things easier in terms of uploading photos. 

Yesterday's project? Well, Riley had a one-day stomach bug which normally would have put the kibosh on my entire day, but SHE TOOK A NAP. Miracle! I ran down to my sewing room and whipped up this quick laptop sleeve for my new laptop.

Laptop sleeveLaptop SleeveLaptop Sleeve

Laptop Sleeve, a set on Flickr.

I followed a tutorial done by Elizabeth Hartman for SewMamaSew! and it worked out perfectly, although I did add in an extra layer of cotton quilt batting for additional protection.

xoxo and extra promises of regular updatyness,