Thursday, December 8, 2011

Doggie Stocking!

Doggie Stocking! by HeatherEndearing

Doggie Stocking!, a photo by HeatherEndearing on Flickr.
Since I last put any effort into maintaining this blog, we have adopted a lovely beagle-basset cross named Waylen. He was part of Riley's 6th birthday present last May, but I have to say that he's become my dog, following me everywhere. He's 5 years old and a very gentle doggie; the entire family loves him and enjoys his company. Plus he's cute as anything.

(OMG. So cute, right? Totally deserving of a stocking.)

With Christmas fast approaching, I took 30 minutes yesterday and quickly sewed him up his very own stocking to leave for Santa. Hopefully Mr. Claus will leave him some squeaky tennis balls (his favourite) and maybe some peanut butter dog treats.



  1. I'm sure Waylen will love it! I like how the stocking is paw-shaped.

  2. Thanks Holly! It was a VERY quick sew. My mom just requisitioned one for her wee terrier.

  3. Hilarious and adorable and most definitely deserving of a stocking!