Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New project started!

Hootenanny layout by HeatherEndearing
Hootenanny layout, a photo by HeatherEndearing on Flickr.

So, I cleaned up my sewing room and ended up with 2 dresser drawers FULL to the brim of scraps left over from other projects.

Some of the fabric is so cute, it's a shame to let it go to waste... so I decided to start a scrap quilt. Now, I'm not usually a fan of scrappy quilts, but I did a sort of scrappy baby quilt for my friends Chris and Allison for their son Flynn. It was from Boo Davis' book "Dare To Be Square Quilting" and her patterns seem to lend themselves really well to scrap quilting.

Riley recently moved from a single bed to a queen bed, and so she'll be needing a new light summer quilt for her bed. I adore the owl quilt in Boo's book, so I pulled out a bunch of pink, green and turquoise scraps and started cutting.

I'm pretty happy with this layout and it didn't even make the tiniest dent in my scrap pile.

The fun thing for her is that a good portion of these scraps are left over from sewing clothes for her, so she'll be able to look at it and go, "That piece is from the dress Mom made me to wear to a wedding, and that piece is from my favourite summer dress when I was 3, and that piece is from stuff that was in my room when I was a baby."


  1. I love that Riley will be able to recognize fabrics in her owl quilt from other projects you've made her. How cool!

  2. LOVE that the fabrics are from Riley's clothes! This is going to be one cute scrap quilt!

  3. Thanks you guys! I will definitely bring it in for show and tell when it's all done. I honestly have enough scraps to make 20 of these :)