Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cross Stitch ... my new crafting love.

Oh cross-stitch.  Where have you been all my life?  It's my new obsession.  It completely feeds into my A-type personality and mathy-brain needs.  I've done so much stitching over the past year and I still have a number of projects either partially finished or planned for the future.

After seeing Holly show off a finished cross stitch at a VMQG meeting, I rushed out and bought a pattern from weelittlestitches -- The Big Bang Theory cast.  I stitched up Penny first and it was the most gratifying thing.   All the counting! Precision! Nerdy-ness!

The start of it all... Big Bang Theory cast by weelittlestitches
The BBT one was given to a friend.  Next I did Buffy.  Because I love Buffy.  And I wanted to make one for me. Look at that wee little Spike! And Xander's eye-patch! Even Buffy has Mr. Pointy in her hand.  I'm still pondering taking this out of the frame and captioning it "She saved the world. A lot."
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
One of my other favourite TV fandoms is Firefly.  As in "I can quote the dialog" kind of fandom.  This particular pattern I found for free online from a fellow Vancouverite Browncoat who blogs under the name cthulhucrochet.  It was a lot more challenging than the weelittlestitches patterns because it involved half-stitches as well as a ton of outline backstitch.  I adore how it turned out, especially the "Big Damn Heroes" text at the bottom.  

Little weeble versions of Firefly.  Jayne's hat just kills me.
For Riley's birthday last year, I combined 3 different weelittlestitches patterns to make this huge one of Harry Potter and Friends.  From left to right we have: Mad Eye Moody, Tonks, Lupin, Sirius, Hagrid, Hermione, Harry, Ron, Dumbledore, Ginny, Fred, George, Luna and Neville.

Harry Potter and friends -- weelittlestitches
Also from weelittlestitches, I did up the cast of Star Trek:TNG.  This one went to a friend but I'm definitely going to remake this one for myself as well.

Star Trek: TNG cast done for a friend.  

I also have experimented with plastic canvas ... I used some and did up this little 16 bit Yoshi (based on an image I googled).  Then I stuck an adhesive magnet to the band and wee Yoshi now lives on my fridge.

Yoshi fridge magnet.
Another free pattern, this one from Dorkstitch... this one is the 2 "standard issue nerds!" from British comedy The IT Crowd.  This also went to a friend who is a huge fan of the show.
Roy and Moss and the famous catch phrase from the IT Crowd.

The other great thing about cross-stitch? Compared to quilting, it's an EXTREMELY affordable hobby.  The embroidery floss and Aida cloth are both really affordable.  That and the speed at which I can make things results in this being a perfect craft for gift making!



  1. Heather, your cross stitches are just awesome. (I'm a Firefly fan too - not at your level, but a fan nonetheless.)

  2. I really love these. I hadn't seen these patterns before, they're brilliant. I have a weak spot for cross stitching too!