Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Stuff I've made recently.

Of course, there's been about eleventy-million things I've made since I last updated this poor, neglected blog.  Some very significant life changes have been happening and I'm totally sticking with that as my excuse for not blogging.  Yep.  So I'm just going to post a few things that I've made in... say... the past 3 months.

First, a new advent calendar.  I'm tired of either (a) spending a ton of money on a cool Lego or Playmobil one or (b) getting some crappy thing filled with crappy chocolate.

This advent calendar, which I didn't finish until December 6th (good thing Riley was away with her dad in Hawaii until the 9th!) is from Pretty in Patchwork Holidays, a super cute book curated by QuiltDad. I still need to find some nice, flat candies to put in the pockets but at least it's done.  That hexi Christmas tree is also the first, and likely the last, hand-done english paper piecing I've done.   I'm happy with how it turned out but good grief, so fussy to do!

The original pattern calls for using permanent ink and stamping the numbers onto the advent pockets, but I've been doing a lot of cross stitch over the past year and I thought I'd try using waste canvas to stitch the numbers on. It worked but waste canvas is a total pain to remove, I've discovered.

The VMQG and the LMQG also did a needlebook swap this past month.  This is what I sent across the pond.  I'm excited to receive a needlebook in exchange at our December VMQG meeting!

At the end of October, the VMQG also ran a 241 Tote Bag workshop, taught by our own Krista Hennebury.  It was a totally fun day.  The black and white dotty print is some sort of mystery poly fabric from the clearance section, which I paired with some turquoise quilting cotton and black twill.  I love this bag and I really want to try the Noodlehead SuperTote now.

Riley's bedroom has the apartment's breaker box in it.  Apparently, according to new building code, the box cannot be inside a closet (I guess for access-related reasons?).  Anyhow, she was pretty bummed about it and, truth be told, it's gunmetal grey and pretty ugly.

The VMQG had a Michael Miller Cotton Couture challenge a few months back where we were given bundles of bright, citrus-y solids.  I added in the turquoise and the navy blue from my stash and made this wall hanging to be exactly the right size to cover up the horrible breaker box.  She was beyond thrilled with it.

Ah, cross-stitch.  My new crafting love.  I blame Holly.  Way back over a year ago, I think, she showed off a cross stitch she'd done from Canadian designer wee little stitches at a VMQG guild meeting.  I want to say it was a Star Wars one but I can't remember clearly (see her finished Buffy the Vampire Slayer one).  I do remember thinking, "That is the coolest thing ever and I want to make one."  And then there was a pattern sale at the wee little stitches store and I was off to the races.  I've made a bunch of these and most have been given as gifts. 

This one, though, is just for me.  Sherlock.  Possibly the best thing to ever grace Netflix.  I'm a huge Sherlock Holmes nerd in general and I think the new series is absolutely BRILLIANT.  This one is now framed and hanging in the living room.

The one below is from a different pattern designer called PixelPower.  I made this for a friend who recently started working as a high-school english teacher, and it's the Stark children from Game of Thrones and their respective dire wolves.  You can buy this pattern on their Craftsy store.  Like wee little stitches, they have lots and lots of amazing pop culture and nerdy designs.  Jon and Ghost are my favourite :)  I stitched it on light blue Aida because I thought it would make the dire wolves pop out more than on white or natural.

I think that's enough for today.... man, I really hope I can do a better job of keeping up with this thing.


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  1. Yay! You blogged! I'm happy to hear that I was the catalyst for your cross stitch obsession. I'm not sorry! Love that wall hanging, what a difference to have a beautiful piece like that instead of a breaker box. Looking forward to seeing your makes in 2014!