Saturday, May 22, 2010

I hope this works...

Eeep. I started work on Simplicity 2728 today. This will hopefully be a jacket to wear with a dress (which I have already made) to our friend's wedding in Ontario next month.

I have never done an FBA (that's full bust adjustment) on a pattern without a side dart before. Here's a photo of the front bodice after I have done the 1.25" FBA.

Next, I rotated the side dart created by doing the FBA into the existing vertical under bust.

That just looks crazy to me. I mean, I know the vertical under bust dart would become large, but that thing looks huge.

I've redrawn the dart and cutting line in the photo above. But I've since decided that I'm going to fill this all in with tissue and cut the fabric that way. Then, if I need to reposition the dart or possibly change it to 2 darts, I will have the fabric to do that.

Hands up who thinks I'll be out shopping for a jacket in a week?

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