Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I hate it when a whole pot of tea goes cold before you have a chance to drink it.

Sometime last week, I popped out for about an hour and left B home watching our daughter. I arrived back to find that my tea cozy from Harrod's London had been accidentally lit on fire. To which i immediately thought, hrmpf, but of course I couldn't really get mad because it was an accident.

I drink about a gallon of tea every morning so this was a real tragedy.

Fortunately, mom belongs to a quilt guild where members bring in notions and fabric that aren't being used and put them on a "swap" table. And it just so happened that there was a tea cozy liner on that swap table, which she brought in for me.

After a week of having my pot of morning tea cool off WAY too fast, I sat down today for 1 hour and quickly threw together this cover for the cozy.

I scrounged through my scrap drawer and found a couple of pieces of Michael Miller Disco Dots that were left from decorating R's room a few years ago.

The fabric got cut up into 3" squares and sewed together with 1/4" seams, quilting-style, until I had two rectangles of pieced fabric that were 5 squares wide by 4 squares tall.

Then I took the two pieced rectangles, pinned them right sides together, and then laid the tea cozy liner on top and traced the curved edges.

After sewing all along the traced line and hemming the bottom, my groovy tea cozy is all done and ready for duty.

I gotta say, I think I like this better than the stodgy Harrod's one anyhow.

I know I am supposed to be working on that jacket but there is only so much cold tea a girl can take.

Ta ta,

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